Whether purchasing or selling a home, it can be a very overwhelming experience for all parties involved.

It has been my personal experience, over the many years of working in newly purchased homes, especially those purchased without a home inspection, as unfortunate as it is, I have had the very unpleasant task of informing the new home owner of costly and problematic areas, where repairs may or must be done for proper functionality. The honest truth is this happens more often than not.

With all my years of expertise, we here at JACOB INSPECTIONS  recommend a PRE-INSPECTION. This proactive move will benefit the home seller. A positive selling point is to list your home with a already complete detailed home Inspection.  The PRE-INSPECTION benefits not only the home buyer but the seller as well. A PRE- INSPECTION will point out areas of your home that need special attention and possible repairs. This can make your home stand out from the others.

A home inspection by JACOB INSPECTIONS will bring peace of mind when you have selected the home of your dreams or selling the house you proudly called home.